Coming out of my evening meditation, I was left with this idea to ponder:

If you wish to accomplish something, you must apply daily effort towards your goals.

May’s Inner Wisdom

So what did I do after I received this message? I took my phone and went down the rabbit hole with Youtube and started watching random videos of lost dogs reuniting with their owners and lost kids reuniting with their parents…Did I mention rabbit hole?

But interestingly, after each video, I was reminded again and again, remember your daily effort…

I looked at the clock and thought, oh but it is already 11 pm!

So I got off my recliner, put down my phone and started writing this blog post. As I know that I am not the only one who needs to be reminded of this.

Dear Universe,

What would be my daily effort of my goal to help millions of people?

Write one meditation.

But it is 11:17 pm!

Daily Effort…


By 11:47 pm I had finished writing the first meditation I wanted to create to help medical professionals called the PPE Meditation. No, it doesn’t mean Personal Protective Equipment, it stands for Personal Protective Energy Meditation 🙂

By 11:51 pm I had finished writing this blog post. And I am sure by 12 am, This blog post would be tagged, beautified with an amazing image, and published. 🙂